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WW2 Postcard - Lockheed B14 "Hudson Bomber"

Original WW2 postcard.
Reverse has silhouetted top, side, & front views of each plane.
Card is manufactured by Longshaw Card Co., Los Angeles, California.
Mint excellent new condition, never used.
Good item for the Soldiers kit or trunk or Home Front War display.

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Original Pilot's notes for Wellington - 1944

A.P. 1578C, K - P-PN Original RAF Pilot's Notes (Flight Manual, Pilots Handbook) for the Vickers Wellington bomber aircraft , Marks III, X - XIV. Amendment parts glued into the booklet for marks XVII and XVIII. Original 2nd edition dated Jan 1944 (printed june 1944 - printers code on bottom of rear cover). Amendments made in 1950.
Part I – Descriptive
- Introduction
- Fuel and oil systems
- Main services
- Aircraft controls
- Engine controles
- Other controles
Part II - Handling instructions
Part III - Operating data
Part IV - Emergencies
Part V - Illustration

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Rare original illustrated photo-book "TARGET for TONIGHT",

The booklet (32 pages) of the famous film "TARGET for TONIGHT", A documentary film about a raid on Freihausen, released in 1941 is in excellent (almost new) condition.

The story is about a bombing raid on Germany, how it was planned and how it was executed. Each part was played by the actual staff who did the job, from Commander-in-chief to ground crew.
The film concentrates on a Wellington bomber "F for Freddie" and was made by the Crown Film Unit.
The booklet was sold at the time for six old pence - 6D.

The film can be seen on youtube.

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Dutch booklet - RAF, Wat de R.A.F. voor bezet Nederland beteekende

Dit boekje werd in 1944 illegaal gedrukt door het verzet. De opbrengst was bestemd voor de nabestaanden van diegene die hun leven gaven voor de vrijheid.
A.Q. is pseudoniem van Van Braam Houckgeest.
Uitgegeven door H. de Koningh te 's-Gravenhage.

This booklet was printed illegally in 1944 by the resistance. The proceeds were intended for the relatives of those who gave their lives for freedom.
A.Q. is pseudonym of Van Braam Houckgeest.
Published by H. de Koningh in The Hague.

Code: 50273


Brass kit bag lock with an antique Victorian letter combination padlock

This brass kit bag lock has a very nice Victorian letter combination padlock with four combinations. It is made of brass and steel and has four barrels.

As you can see in the pictures, the combination of the lock is known and will be delivered to the new owner.

Code: 50272

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Kwatta blik van vòòr 1940. Kwatta tin pre 1940.

Kwatta blik
De Kwatta-reep was enorm populair onder soldaten, het leger was daarom ook de grootste afnemer van de reep. Deze was in alle kazernes te koop. Later werd de reep Kwatta's "Manoeuvre"-reep genoemd, vanwege het soldaatje dat op de wikkel was afgebeeld.

The Kwatta bar was extremely popular among soldiers, which is why the army was also the largest consumer of the bar. This was for sale in all barracks. Later the bar was called Kwatta's "Maneuver" bar because of the soldier on the wrapper.

Code: 50271

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Redevoering gehouden door Adolf Hitler ter gelegenheid van de opening van de 3de oorlogs-winterhulpactie in het Berlijnsche Sportpaleis op 3 October 1941.

23 blz.
Het boekje is gekaft met doorzichtig papier.

Speech by Adolf Hitler on the occasion of the opening of the 3rd war-winter relief operation in the Berlin Sports palace on October 3th, 1941.

23 pages.
The booklet is covered with transparent paper.

Code: 50270

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Het bekende Nederlandse boekje 'VOOR HET TE LAAT IS....!' gepubliceerd door de NSB, in 1941.
31 Blz.
laatste blz. heeft twee scheurtjes die nagenoeg onzichtbaar zijn.
Op de voorkaft staat geschreven: '12 nov. 1941 in de bus geworpen.'
In redelijke gebruikte conditie.

The well-known Dutch booklet 'BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE....! published by the NSB, National Socialist Movement in 1941.
31 Pages.
Last page has two tears but they are virtually invisible. On the front cover is written '12 Nov. 1941 thrown into the letterbox.'
Nice used condition.

Code: 50267

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Rare! The New Pictorial map of London - 1934

A very charming pictorial map of London.

The New Pictorial Map of London

Geographia Ltd London 1934
Sheet size 74 x 49 cm, folding into thin card color pictorial wrappers 11 x 18 cm.
The map and cover are in a fine condition. Map is crisp and clean.
The title of this map is shared with other publications by Geographia which lack the artistic and comic character which makes this map desirable.
Of note are the large size and boldly designed border which distinguish it from a smaller (half size) edition of the comic pictorial map. It is a light-hearted map of London, in the vein of MacDonald Gill's Famous Wonderground Map of London Town, with comic figures and humorous quips in speech bubbles.
The map covers the area from The Albert Hall at lower left to the Tower of London and Bank of England at right, from Euston Road at upper edge to the Elephant and Castle.
There is an inset street map at upper left marking Theatres, and another at upper right marking Cinemas.
Initials WJH appear in decorative border at lower right.

Code: 50268

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NSB booklet Groen van Prinsterer, Dr. Kuyper en Mussert (1941)

Niet een heel zeldzaam boekje. Wat echter leuk is, is dat dit exemplaar behoorde tot de leeskring van de Nationale Jeugdstorm.
Een stencil met gebruiktaanwijzingen is aan de binnenkant van de kaft geplakt.
Uitgegeven door de NENASU Leiden. (Nederlandsch Nationaal Socialistische Uitgeverij)

De Nationale Jeugdstorm was een Nederlandse jongerenbeweging die van 1934 tot 1945 bestaan heeft, georganiseerd naar voorbeeld van de Duitse Hitlerjugend en als nationaalsocialistische tegenhanger van de padvinderij.


Booklet published in 1941 by the Dutch National Socialist Movement.
Not a very rare item. What is nice, however, is that this copy belonged to the reading circle of the Dutch Nationale Jeugdstorm. A stencil with instructions for use is glued to the inside of the cover.
Published by the NENASU Leiden, the Netherlands. (Nederlandsch Nationaal Socialistische Uitgeverij)

The Nationale Jeugdstorm was a Dutch youth movement that existed from 1934 to 1945, organized after the example of the German Hitler Youth and as a National Socialist counterpart to Boy Scouts.

Code: 50266

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