Time magazin - march 27, 1944. On the cover, landing LCI on Italian beach

Nice example of this popular Magazin.

The LCI (Landing Craft Infantery) whose number is 220, is disembarking troops onto an Italian beach.

Some of the contents in this issue:
Full page color Studebaker ad with Paul Lukavich and son Steve Lukavich, who just joined the Marines. Nice full page color Cadillac ad featuring tanks, one driving through river, one crossing river on temporary bridge. How GI Joe was born, cartoons by Bill Mauldin. Full page color Pacific Factag Fabrics ad with charming family doing home repairs, art by Rabut. Vichy collaborationist condemned for Treason. Cute photo and short story about using a photo of Betty Grable to teach map reading, latitude and longitude, Lowry Field, Colorado with Richard P. Bates. Berlin destruction. Return of the Gripsholm. Cutest full page color Swan soap ad with Swanny boat full of cherubs. LCI 226 (landing craft, Infantry) with lots of photos. Tragedy of Versailles. Ivan and Malvin Albright, twins, painters. Food gardens. Women Marines, Cherry Point Air Station, including Anne Jones, Irene Reicks, Elizabeth Buck, Marian Ferguson, Elizabeth Felker, Josephine Rice, Marion Chadwick, Alice Scheffey and others. Pin-up photographer Ray Jones and how he does it. Nerve graft with nerves from corpses. Wayside Inn near Sudbury, Massachusetts. Photos of bowler William P. Black of Kansas City. Photo of Salvatore Licata of Scranton holding a long rifle.

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