Original Sheet Music 'Die Fahne Hoch' from Horst Wessel

Die Fahne hoch die Reihen dicht geschlossen - Horst Wessel song.

Four-page original music sheet with text and notes dated 1930 by Sunnwend Verlag, only slightly margined - piano arrangement by Gustav Groschwitz
The Horst Wessel Song also known by its opening words "Die Fahne hoch, was the anthem of the Nazi Party from 1930 to 1945. From 1933 to 1945, the Nazis made it the co-national anthem of Germany, along with the first stanza of the "Deutschlandlied".

The music sheet is in a nice used condition.
The front was torn over a length of 10 centimeters and had an old repair with clear adhesive paper on the music side of the page. this repair was not nicely done and has been removed. Then a new repair was done with rice paper. the faint brown spots from the old repair are still slightly visible.

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